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One of the many caves that makes up Bear Gulch Caves, as seen in "Pinnacles 2009".

Bear Gulch Caves is a series of caves found in the southern region of Pinnacles National Monument.
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The Young Men at the mouth of Bear Gulch Caves, "Return to Pinnacles 2010".

History Edit

2009 Edit

In March of 2009, Chris Glenn, Dallin Earl, Travis Neal, Jeremy Glenn, Brent Spencer, and Randall Diamond hiked through the caves and actually got stuck at one point. Travis tried to climb through a hole and got stuck with his backpack on. They eventually got through by taking their packs off, feeding them through the hole, and climbing through one by one.

2010 Edit

In March of 2010, the Young Men hiked through the same section caves, first on a night hike, then the next morning on their big hike to High Peak, both times without any trouble.

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Jeff Reed, Jeff Reed Sr., and Brent Spencer in Bear Gulch Caves, "Return to Pinnacles 2010".

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Travis Neal, stuck in Bear Gulch Caves. "Pinnacles 2009".

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