The Caldecott Tunnel

The Caldecott Tunnel is a four-bore highway tunnel on State Route 24 that connects the city of Orinda to the city of Oakland through the Berkeley Hills.

History Edit

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The Caldecott Tunnel as seen in "Sausalito 2009".

2009 Edit

In October of 2009, Dallin Earl, Jaren Garff, Rick Patterson, and Travis Neal tried to hold their breath while driving through the Caldecott Tunnel on their way home from Sausalito.

2013 Edit

In November of 2013, Dallin Earl, Jeremy Glenn, and Travis Neal tried holding their breath through the Caldecott Tunnel on the drive from Oakland to Moraga during Youth Conference.

2014 Edit

Dallin Earl, Jeremy Glenn, Jaren Garff, and Travis Neal drive through the Caldecott Tunnel on the way home from High Adventure.

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