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Chris Glenn, Randall Diamond, Brent Spencer, Jeremy Glenn, Dallin Earl, and Travis Neal at Condor Gulch Overlook, in the High Peaks Region, "Pinnacles 2009".

High Peak, or better known as "High Peaks" is a region of Pinnacles National Monument where several of the park's highest points are located.

In March of 2009, Chris Glenn, Jeremy Glenn, Dallin Earl, Travis Neal, Brent Spencer, and Randall Diamond hiked through Bear Gulch Caves, past Bear Gulch Reservoir, up several switchbacks, up to High Peak. They ate cold pizza and some Snickers bars Randall got a gas station for lunch at High Peak.

In March of 2010, a bunch of Young Men, including Dallin Earl, Jeremy Glenn, and Travis Neal did the same hike up to High Peak.
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Rick Patterson at the High Peaks Region, "Return to Pinnacles 2010".

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Dallin Earl eating lunch at the High Peaks Region, "Return to Pinnacles 2010".