Downtown Lafayette

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Lafayette is a city in western Contra Costa County, California. The city shows up a few times in Danville 2nd Ward Young Men.

In "Sausalito 2009", Dallin Earl, Jaren Garff, Rick Patterson, and Travis Neal stop at a Cold Stone in Lafayette to get ice cream.

In "Wintertime 2012/2013", Dallin Earl and the San Ramon Valley High School Basketball Team play a game at Acalanes High School in Lafayette against Acalanes. In the last few seconds of the game, Dallin throws the ball across the court and gets it in the hoop, winning the game for San Ramon Valley High School. Later on in the episode, Jeremy Glenn, Kalani Quereto, Teddy Wright, and Travis Neal take the wrong exit on the way to the New Years Dance, and end up in Lafayette. They get turned around a bit, but they eventually make it to Walnut Creek.

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Rick Patterson in Lafayette, "Sausalito 2009".

In "Youth Conference 2013", Chad Hales, Jaren Garff, Dallin Earl, Travis Neal, Devin Weaver, and Jeremy Glenn drive through Lafayette on their way to Moraga. Dallin sings various Daft Punk songs out the window to people in downtown Lafayette. On the way back home, they watch a Baby Einstein DVD in Lafayette.

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Dallin Earl (center) with the basketball at Acalanes High School in Lafayette, "Wintertime 2012/2013".

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