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The Young Men in Muir Woods National Monument.

"Marin Day Trip 2009" is the 2nd episode of Danville 2nd Ward Young Men, which aired February 21, 2009.

Date: February 21, 2009

Preceded By: Sunol 2008

Followed By: Pinnacles 2009

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Kyle Worley, Travis Neal, Kyle Makaiwi, Chris Glenn, and Teddy Wright in Muir Woods National Monument.

The Young Men go on a day trip to several places in Marin County. They first explore Muir Woods National Monument and take a short hike. They then go to Muir Beach to eat lunch and hang out on the beach. A family offered them a bunch of barbecued chicken, pork, and steak. It was a lot better then the oranges and Cup Noodles they had packed. And lastly, they go to Point Bonita. On the way there, Kyle Worley would roll down the window and say "I like your bike!" to the bikers they would pass. One biker was not on his bike, but rather standing off on the side of the road, with his back to traffic. Kyle yells to him, "Hey are you okay?" It turns out the biker was peeing.

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Randall Diamond, Chris Glenn, Brent Spencer, Taylor Jackson, Travis Neal, Alex Wright, Teddy Wright, Kyle Worley, Kyle Makaiwi, and Jeremy Glenn at Muir Beach.

They get to Point Bonita and explore the old military batteries. Travis Neal, Kyle Makaiwi, and Kyle Worley find a battery filled with graffiti. They walk down to the lighthouse, and take in the beautiful views of the San Francisco Bay, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Travis Neal, Kyle Makaiwi, and Kyle Worley in a battery at Point Bonita.

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Chris Glenn, Jeremy Glenn, Kyle Makaiwi, Kyle Worley, and Travis Neal at Point Bonita.

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