IMG 9750

Battery Mendel, as seen in "Marin Day Trip 2009".

Point Bonita is a small peninsula on the southwest end of Marin County, near Sausalito. The point is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, and home to Battery Mendel, an old military battery, as well as several smaller batteries. It is also well known for the Point Bonita Lighthouse, the last manned lighthouse on the California Coast. The lighthouse is accessible by an old suspension bridge.

In "Marin Day Trip 2009", the Young Men visit Point Bonita to climb around on the old military batteries and to see the lighthouse.

Featured In Episodes Edit

IMG 9753

Travis Neal, Kyle Makaiwi, and Kyle Worley inside an old military battery.

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Chris Glenn, Jeremy Glenn, Kyle Makaiwi, Kyle Worley, and Travis Neal at Point Bonita.

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Barry Neal, Kyle Makaiwi, and Travis Neal at the Point Bonita Lighthouse.