Sonora Pass Sign

Sonora Pass is the second-highest highway pass in the Sierra Nevada, lower by 321 ft. than Tioga Pass to the south. The pass is located on the border of Mono County and Alpine County, and State Route 108 traverses the pass.

The pass connects the communities of Sonora to the west and Bridgeport to the east. Like most high Sierra Nevada passes, the highway is closed in winter, generally between November and May, due to snow accumulation.
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Alec Viera and Brent Spencer at Sonora Pass, "High Adventure 2009 Extras".

The highway over the pass is extremely steep (exceeding 8% for most of the traverse, and up to 26% grades in some locations), narrow and winding between Kennedy Meadows on the west side and Leavitt Meadows on the east. The route is not recommended for vehicles or vehicle combinations that are unusually wide, heavy or long.

View of the Sierra Nevada range and Sonora Peak looking northward from Sonora Pass.

The Pacific Crest Trail, a 2,650 mile long National Scenic Trail, crosses Highway 108 at Sonora Pass.

In the D2WYM Snippets episode, "High Adventure 2009 Extras", the Young Men stop at Sonora Pass before going on their week-long backpacking trip. In both "High Adventure 2009" and "High Adventure 2009 Extras", a sign for Sonora Pass can be seen at the base of Leavitt Peak.

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